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Streamline the financial operations and help companies increase their efficiencies and reduce costs across various enterprise functions. The functions are managed by a professionally qualified and experienced CFO. Our financial activities include daily financial operations, financial analysis, financial reports, financial decisions, and strategic finance.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We have professional chartered accountants who provide accurate bookkeeping and accounting services. Our dedicated and experienced team of accountants keeps reliable & up to date data of financial statements in a systematic and comprehensive method. We are experts in maintaining records of financial matters including sales, purchases, payments, receipts, etc. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping across multiple industries make us the best choice for accounting solutions. We do undertake the software integration like SAP, Oracle, Tally, Quickbooks, Xero, Sage Peachtree, Zoho and tailor-made software as per the client’s requirements. We would execute and help for preparing the Revenue Plan, Forecasting, Budget, Cash Flow, Valuation of the business and Intangible Assets. EINSATZ automatically takes care of all accounting needs. An automatic SMS and email is sent to customers and authorised person every time with payment reminders feature, a transaction is recorded against them, Power BI report alerts, overdue for collections or getting due on, target revenue, statutory dues, etc. We provide Management Information System (Standard) and also customised as per Client requirements. We do also undertake support for banking facilities and VC Fund for technology industries.

Compensation and Benefits / Payroll

Efficient payroll processing services to streamline payroll, optimize productivity and improve administration. EINSATZ ensures smooth compensation and benefits/payroll management services to achieve better resource management. The services include salary and wage-fixing, salary and wage negotiation, employee grading, payroll management, commission structuring, compensation and benefits market analysis, benchmarking, statutory filing, etc.

Team EINSATZ manages the below Financial, Bookkeeping & Accounting and Compensation & Benefits /Payroll activities.

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Our aim is to bring focused success to your enterprise with our excellent services.